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Carina Chocano: You Play the Girl

Carina Chocano.jpg

In this smart, funny, impassioned call to arms, a pop culture critic merges memoir and commentary to explore how popular culture shapes ideas about who women are, what they are meant to be, and where they belong.

Carina Chocano is the author of "You Play the Girl: On Playboy Bunnies, Stepford Wives, Train Wrecks, & Other Mixed Messages," which was shortlisted for the Pen/Diamondstein-Vogel Award for the Art of the Essay and the National Book Critics Circle Award for Criticism. A contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine, her work has also appeared in New York magazine, Elle, Vogue, Rolling Stone, and many others. She has been a film and TV critic at The Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly, and She lives in Los Angeles.